What you say when asked, "so how’s your relationship going" or "how’s the marriage?" is a vital indicator of how healthy your relationship is. If you’re saying, "Good," but thinking, "If you only knew"…then this workshop is for you.

In a small group workshop setting, couples learn the techniques and tools necessary to eliminate common emotionally disruptive stressors and build happy and trusting relationships. Couples will gain new insights about their relationships and learn research-based skills shown to significantly improve levels of intimacy and manage conflict in a productive and healthy way. We will cover how to:

  • Actively create respect and care for one another

  • Overcome and heal past hurts

  • Understand what creates conflict

  • Actively listen and make sure individual voices are heard

  • Create emotional safety and security

  • Build emotional trust and intimacy

  • Determine what "The Ideal Relationship" is for you and for your partner

  • Gain insight into how to maintain your relationship and what you need to do to keep it fresh

This workshop also includes individual and couple relationship assessments to help couples identify their relationship's specific strengths and how to build on them. 

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