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What do you say when someone asks to hear your story? Do you pause, hesitate, or embellish? What about online? When's the last time you checked yourself out? 

Remember...regardless of who you are and what you do...someone is screening you. They are either looking you up across your social profiles, or silently assessing you as you stand right in front of them. This workshop helps you identify and hone your personal story, and then gives you the tools you need to Rock Your Brand everywhere you go. In this workshop, you’ll learn: 

What You'll learn

What a personal brand is and why it’s important for everyone. 

  • What’s considered risky and damaging to any brand—personal or professional—and how to get rid of (or reframe) experiences, posts, pictures, and comments that could hurt your ability to develop and grow your brand. 

  • How to leverage your personal values and unique gifts and talents to create your personal brand in a way that reinforces who you are and where you want to go.

  • How to re-write and own your perceived weaknesses and past failures in a way that heals and becomes something that you want to share.

  • Practical ways of projecting yourself and creating a first impression (in-person and digitally) that honors and aligns with your brand. 

Through guided inspiration, personal anecdotes, and research-based skill development; you will walk away more empowered than ever to accomplish your goals and Rock Your Brand!

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